Katedra fyziky materiálů Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta Univerzity Karlovy

Department of Physics of Materials


Department of Physics of Materials focuses on scientific research of the microstructure and properties of advanced materials for structural and functional applications. The main target is the investigation of the relation between microstructure, and mechanical and thermal properties of metals, alloys, intermetallic compounds, metal matrix composites and materials with fine and ultrafine microstructures. A large effort is also devoted to complex investigation of physical aspects of plastic deformation (involving theory, modelling and experiment) and to investigation of phase transformations in metallic materials.


Department of Physics of Materials participates in teaching of the bachelor study program General Physics and the master study program Physics of Condensed Systems and Physics of Materials. The Department is also engaged in two programs of doctoral studies, Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials Research and Physics of Nanostructures.

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